I’m a fullstack developer and creative technologist, currently bringing software creation to more people at Replit.

I’m in the process of releasing a Shopify app called Forma which offers pre-purchase incentives in exchange for qualitative research.

Art is in the works. For collaborations, shoot me an email.


My software development experience includes Squarespace, Telnyx, Puzzle, David Chang’s Ando, Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic, Hugo & Marie, Frankie Cosmos, and a fraudulent startup.

I won’t bore you with the details, unless you’re looking for my CV.

Extended Work


My first instrument was the flute, but these days I’m mostly programming synthesizers and sequencers. Ableton Live is my primary DAW. I also used to livecode MIDI and granular synthesis with Tidal.

* favorite


I once made visuals in Processing with rhythmic data from Tidal Cycles. I’m now reviving these ideas and much more at staticvoid.studio using TouchDesigner and various digital/analog forms. New above, old below.